INTD 5047 - Neuroanatomy


Course Director: Dr. Michael Henry


Semester(s) Offered: Fall


Credits: 2.0


Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a practical working knowledge of the structure of both the peripheral and central nervous system.  The emphasis will be on the organization of the human brain, although the brains of other species may also be included if appropriate for a specific brain region. The course will look at each of the individual components of the central nervous system in some depth but will also emphasize the complex integration of these various components into a functional brain.  The topics covered in the course are specifically designed to mesh in time with those covered in Fundamentals of Neuroscience II describing the function of these areas.  For this reason, it would be best if these two courses were taken concomitantly.  The course will be didactic with digital images, models, and wet specimens included in the course.