Physiology and Pharmacology Discipline
Curriculum and Plan of Study

  1. Physiology and Pharmacology Discipline Curriculum
  1. Required Courses
    IBMS 5000 Fundamentals of Biomedical Sciences (required for all GSBS students)
    IBMS 5008 IMGP Laboratory Rotations
    PHAR 5013 Principles of Pharmacology and Physiology
    PHAR 5014 Integrative Physiology and Therapeutics
    PHAR 5020 Basics of Research Design
    INTD 5082 Responsible Conduct of Research
    CSBL 5095 Experimental Design & Analysis (Statistics)
    PHAR 5092 Research Practicum
    IBMS 6090-8PP Departmental Seminar (Physiology and/or Pharmacology departmental seminars)
    IBMS 7010-8PP Student Journal Club and Research Presentations
    IBMS 7001-8PP Qualifying Exam
  3. Electives (must take at least 4 hrs, can include any courses offered at the UTHSCSA)
    Frequent options include:
    INTD 5040 Fundamentals of Neuroscience I: Molecular, Cellular, Developmental
    INTD 5043 Fundamentals of Neuroscience II: Systems
    INTD 7074 Topics in Translational Medical Product Development
    PHAR 5091 Microelectives (Seminar-style specialized courses)
    5091-1 Monoaminergic Neurotransmission and Transporters
    5091-2 Drug Discovery: Nuts & Bolts
    5091-3 Historical Perspectives of Receptor Theory
    5091-6 Serotonin- Soup to Nuts
    5091-10 Appetite Control: Adiposity Hormones & Neuropeptides
    5091-11 Fundamentals of Behavioral Pharmacology
    5091-18 G protein-coupled receptor heteromers: pharmacological and physiological relevance
    PHYL 5041 Exitable Membranes
    6091 Selected Topics
    6091-2 Calcium Signaling
    6091-3 Cell Biology in Neural Science
    6091-7 Ion Channels in Disease
    BIOC 5091 Special Topics in Biochemistry
    BIOC 6035 Biochemistry of Multimolecular Complexes
    BIOC 6010 Gene Expression
    BIOC 6043 Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins
    BIOC 6033 Cellular Signaling Mechanisms
    CSBL 6048 Biology of Aging
    CSBL 6021 Animal Models
    CSBL 6064 Genetics
    CSBL 6020 Concepts in Vertebrate Development
    PHAR 7003 Electrophysiology in Neuroscience Research
    PHAR 6027 Fundamentals of Neuroethics
    PHAR 7002 Bridging the Gap from Bench to Bedside: Pharmacology Clinical Practicum

    We will offer the following modules as electives for other disciplines:

    5014.1 Autonomic Control and Therapeutics (0.5 SCH)
    5014.2 Cardiovascular, Renal and Respiratory Physiology and Therapeutics (2.0 SCH)
    5014.3 Metabolism, Hormones, GI Physiology and Therapeutics (2.0 SCH)
  1. Physiology and Pharmacology Discipline Plan of Study (PDF)
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