Selected Publications
  • Seillier A., Giuffrida A. Inhibition of fatty acid amide hydrolase modulates anxiety-like behavior in PCP-treated rats. Pharm Biochem Behav., in press (2011).
  • Cunningham R.L., Macheda T., Talley Watts L., Poteet E., Singh M., Roberts J.L., Giuffrida A. Androgens exacerbate motor asymmetry in male rats with unilateral 6-hydroxydopamine lesion. Hormones & Behavior, in press (2011).
  • Solbrig M., Fan Y., Hermanowicz N., Morgese M., Giuffrida A. A synthetic cannabinoid agonist promotes oligodendrogliogenesis during viral encephalitis in rats. Exp. Neurol., 226: 231–241 (2010).
  • Seillier A., Advani T., Cassano T., Hensler J.G., Giuffrida A Inhibition of fatty acid amide hydrolase and CB1 receptor antagonism differentially affect behavioral responses in normal and PCP-treated rats. Int. J. Neuropsychopharm 13: 373-386 (2010).
Andrea Giuffrida

Andrea Giuffrida

Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Ph.D., University of Catania (Italy)

Office: 210-567-4219


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cannabinoid, anandamide, dopamine, Parkinson disease, schizophrenia, dyskinesias


Research Summary

My laboratory is interested in the role played by the endocannabinoid system in regulating psychomotor functions. The endocannabinoids are a family of naturally occurring lipids that mimic the effects of marijuana by stimulating specific receptors (cannabinoid receptors) epressed in the brain areas that are critical for the regulation of motor behaviors, such as the basal ganglia. In addition, the endocannabinoids may serve as an inhibitory feedback signal to counteract dopamine-induced motor activation. Our studies indicate that the endocannabinoid system represents a new pharmacological target for the treatment of diseases characterized by dysregulation of dopamine transmission, such as Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia.


We integrate neurochemistry and behavioral pharmacology to study endocannabinoid transmission in animal models of neurological and psychiatric disorders including Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, and schizophrenia. Our laboratory also investigates the therapeutic effects of cannabinoid-based drugs on levodoopa-induced dyskinesias, a disabling motor complication experienced by Parkinsonian patients undergoing long-term treatment with levodopa.

• Accomplishments, Awards and Honors •

AAAS Fellow in Science and Technology Policy, NIH Office of Science Policy - Sep 2011-Aug 2012

NIH RO1 (NIMH) "Endocannabinoid Transmission in Schizophrenia" - June 2011-March 2016

• Appointments, Boards, Committees and Memberships •

Director of Biomedical Research Development - UTHSCSA Office of the VP for Research - Oct. 2012

• Lectures, Posters and Presentations •

'Endocannabinoid Transmission: Role in Neurodegeneration and Schizophrenia' - 8th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, Florence, Italy - July, 2011

• Lab Personnel •

Dr. Alex Seillier - Instructor

Dr. Alex Martinez - Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Julien Matricon - Postdoctoral Fellow

Gabriela Weiss - Senior Research Associate

Jordan Thomas - START-UP Student

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