Selected Publications
  • Sanabria H, Miller JH, Mershin A, Ludueña RF, Kolomenski AA, Schuessler HA, Nanopoulos DV. Impedance spectroscopy of alpha-beta tubulin heterodimer suspensions. Biophys J, 2006 Jun;90(12):4644-4650.
  • Huzil JT, Ludueña RF, and Tuszynski JA. Comparative modeling of human ß tubulin isotypes and implications for drug binding. Nanotechnology, 2006 Jan;17:S90-S100.
  • Tuszynski JA, Carpenter EJ, Huzil JT, Malinski W, Luchko T. and Ludueña RF. The evolution of the structure of tubulin isoforms and its potential consequences for the role and function of microtubules in cells and embryos. Int. J. Devel Biol, 2006 Jan;50:341-358.
  • Dumontet C, Isaac S, Souquet PJ, Bejui-Thivolet F, Pacheco Y, Peloux N, Frankfurter A, Perol M, Ludueña RF. Expression of class III beta tubulin in non-small cell lung cancer is correlated with resistance to taxane chemotherapy. Bull Cancer, 2005 Feb;92(2):25-30.
  • Puig B, Ferrer I, Ludueña RF, and Avila J. ßII-tubulin and phospho-tau aggregates in Alzheimers disease and Picks disease. J. Alzheimers Dis, 2005 Jan;7:213-220.
  • Vent J, Wyatt AT, Smith DD, Banerjee A, Ludueña RF, Sisson JH, and Hallworth H. Direct involvement of the isotype-specific C-terminus of beta tubulin in ciliary beating. J. Cell Sci, 2005 Jan;118:4333-4341.
Richard F. Ludueña

Richard F. Ludueña

Professor of Biochemistry
Ph.D., Stanford University

Office: 210-567-3732



structure of tubulin, biochemistry of microtubules, tubulin isotypes, mechanism of action of anti-tumor drugs


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