Selected Publications
  • Liu, J., Guo, M., Cheng, SY., Liu, M., Zhang, D., Ding, J., Scherer, P., Liu, F. and Lu, XY. (2012) Adiponectin is critical in determining susceptibility to depressive behaviors and has antidepressant-like activity. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA In Press
  • Liu, J., Perez, S., Zhang, W., Lodge, D. and Lu, XY. (2011) Selective deletion of the leptin receptor in dopamine neurons produces anxiogenic-like behavior and increases amygdaloid dopaminergic activity. Mol Psychiatry 16:1024-1038
  • Liu, J., Garza, JC., Li, W. and Lu, XY. (2011) Melanocortin-4 receptor in the medial amygdala regulates emotional stress-induced anxiety-like behavior, anorexia and corticosterone secretion. Int. Journal of Neuropsychopharmacol 16:1-16.
  • Liu, J., Garza, JC., Bronner, J., Kim, CS., Zhang, W. and Lu, XY. (2010) Acute administration of leptin produces anxiolytic-like effects: A comparison with fluoxetine. Psychopharmacology 207:535–545.
  • Garza, J., Kim, CS., Liu, J., Zhang, W. and Lu, XY. (2008) AAV-mediated knockdown of MC4R in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus promotes high-fat-diet-induced hyperphagia and obesity. J of Endocrinology 197(3):471-82.
  • Liu, J., Garza, JC., Truong, VTH., Henschel, J., Zhang, W. and Lu, XY. (2007) The melanocortinergic pathway is rapidly recruited by acute emotional stress and contributes to stress-induced anorexia and anxiety-like behavior. Endocrinology 148(11): 5531-40.
Jing Liu

Jing Liu

Ph.D., Pharmacology
Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Chinese Academy of Sciences
P.R. China

Office: 210-567-2866



Leptin, adiponectin, melanocortin system, depression, anxiety, stress


Research Summary

Our research focuses on understanding the neurobiology underlying depression- and anxiety-related behaviors with particular attention to the functional roles of adipose tissue-derived hormones.

• Accomplishments, Awards and Honors •

NARSAD Young Investigator Grant Award (2013-2015)