Congratulations to Neuroscience T32 Training Grant Recipients Emily Debner, Cole Evans and Eunice Lim


The Neuroscience Program holds a T32 Training Grant from the Jointly Sponsored NIH Predoctoral Training Program in the Neurosciences. Three trainees from the Neuroscience program are selected for support on this training grant each year. Appointees receive stipend, benefits, tuition and fees, a research supply budget and travel funds. They are supported for one year, during year 2 of their graduate training. The primary objective of the T32 Training Grant is to enhance the preparation of our trainees for successful independent research-related careers in Neuroscience that will have a significant impact on the health-related needs of the nation.

Selection is competitive and is based on academic performance and on the oral presentation given by the students describing their summer practicum research projects.


Michelle Doyle Gabrielle Zuniga Gabrielle Zuniga



The three trainees selected for support on the Neuroscience T32 for 2018-2019 are:

Emily Debner (left); supervising professor, Bill Clarke, Ph.D. The title of her practicum presentation was “Medication overuse headache”

Cole Evans (center); supervising professor, Nathan Jeske, Ph.D. The title of his practicum presentation was “Effects of diabetic condition on autophagic flux in peripheral sensory neurons”

Eunice Lim (right); supervising professor, Martin Paukert, Ph.D. The title of her practicum presentation was “Dissecting the mechanism of behavioral state-dependent astrocyte-to-neuron signaling”