11th Annual Center for Biomedical Neurosciences (CBN) Retreat

Friday, May 10th, 2013 - 8AM-4PM

North Campus GCCRI Commons and Auditorium


CBN Retreat 2012The Center for Biomedical Neurosciences (CBN) will hold it's eleventh annual retreat on Friday, May 10th, 2013. Dr. David Morilak (pictured below, right) is again this year's event host and coordinator. Poster presentations will provide an opportunity for CBN members to discuss their research with colleagues. Over forty (40) posters are expected to be presented at this year's event. Dr. David MorilakThe event will begin with poster presentations and judging (a lite breakfast will be available), followed by a round of three guest speaker presentations, a second round of poster presentations and judging, a boxed lunch break, the Keynote Speaker address and the retreat will conclude with the poster presentation awards.


Dr. Luis de LeceaThis year's Keynote Speaker will be Luis de Lecea, Ph.D. (pictured left), a professor with the Psychiatry and Behavioral Science - Sleep Center, at the Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University, in Stanford, California. His lab is interested in the role of neuromodulators in mammalian behavior, especially behaviors related to sleep, reward, stress, and learning/memory. In the late 1990's they discovered the Hypocretin system and they continue to uncover new roles for this system in vivo. They also study other neuromodulators such as: the Locus Coeruleus (Norepinephrine System), the Ventral Tegmental Area (Dopamine System), the Cortistatin System, the Brainstem (Acetylcholine Systems), the Tuberomammilary Nucleus (Histamine System), A1/A2 (Norepinephrine Systems), the Melanin (Concentrating Hormone System), the Neuropeptide S System, the Basal Forebrain (Acetylcholine Systems) and the Raphe Nuclei (Serotonin Systems). To study these systems the lab uses molecular and systems neuroscience techniques such as optogenetics, electrophysiology, viral gene delivery, histology, and a variety of behavioral assays.

In addition, the lab uses molecular, optogenetic, anatomical and behavioral methods to identify and manipulate the neuronal circuits underlying brain arousal, with particular attention to sleep and wakefulness transitions. They are also interested in the changes that occur in neuronal circuits in conditions of hyperarousal such as stress and drug addiction.

Dr. de Lecea is a member of NIDA Board of Scientific Counselors, a member of the Faculty of 1000, received the ACNP Integrative Behavioral Neuroscience Prize in 2010 and has over sixty publications.


Dr. de Lecea's Keynote address is titled: 'Brain control of fear'.

Sources: Dr. de Lecea's Web Profile and his lab website


CBN Retreat 2012