Dr. Girotti receives NARSAD Young Investigators Grant Award

Milena Girotti

Congratulations to Milena Girotti, Ph.D., on receiving the NARSAD Young Investigator Grant Award. The award is a 2012 NARSAD Young Investigator Grant awarded by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, the largest non-government organization that distributes funds for research on brain and behavior disorders. NARSAD was the former name of the foundation and stands for National Alliance for Research in Schizophrenia and Affective Disorders. The grant is $30000 per year, for two years, which will be devoted to salary and to direct cost of research with no indirect costs; the period that it will cover is January 2013-2015.

"In the project that was funded we proposed to investigate whether interleukin 6 (IL-6) is a causative factor for depressive-like neuroendocrine and cognitive impairments in rats. We propose to employ a model of chronic stress in rats, called chronic intermittent cold stress, or CIC stress, that we have shown produces neuroendocrine and cognitive deficits that resemble some of the symptoms of depression. Using silencing RNA we will block the function of IL-6 and determine whether it was necessary for the development of neuroendocrine and cognitive deficits produced by CIC stress. In separate experiments we will test whether inhibiting the signaling cascade downstream of IL-6 (JAK/STAT3) also interferes with the detrimental effect of CIC stress.", said Dr. Girotti.

Milena Girotti, Ph.D., is currently an Instructor in the Department of Pharmacology and is conducting her research in the lab of Pharmacology Faculty Professor David Morilak, Ph.D.

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