Congratulations Pharmacology Student of the Year for 2011
Alex Martinez


Dr. Frazer, Dr. Giuffrida and Alex Martinez Congratulations Alex Martinez!!!

Alex (pictured, on the left, with his mentor, Andrea Giuffrida, Ph.D., center, and the Pharmacology Chairman, Alan Frazer, Ph.D., on the right) won the Pharmacology Student of the Year Award for 2011. Alex currently holds a Bachelor's in Biology from St. Mary's University. Presently he works in Dr. Giuffrida's lab, where he is doing research on L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia. He is extremely active in the science community, presenting papers at numerous local, state, and national meetings over the past several years, including: the Center for Biomedical Neuroscience Annual Retreats, the Pharmacology Graduate Student Symposiums and the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meetings.

In the fall of 2011, Mr. Martinez presented a slide presentation at the Society for Neuroscience, in Washington, D.C., titled: 'Activation of PPAR gamma receptors reduces levodopa-induced dyskinesia without affecting L-DOPA and dopamine bioavailability in 6-OHDA-treated rats.' He also presented a talk at the Graduate Student Symposium, of the same title. He received the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Fellowship, which runs through 2013 and is composed of stipends, tuition and fee allowances and other fellowship expenses like research supplies, equipment, books and travel for scientific meetings. In addition, he received the 3rd Place Poster Award at the 2010 Annual Terry Mikiten Graduate Association Research Forum.

Mr. Martinez was admitted to the Pharmacology candidacy in June of 2009 and he hopes to complete his doctorate in the next 12-18 months.