Pharmacology Graduate Student Andrew Robles receives the Pharmacology Department Student of the Year Award!!!


Andrew Robles and Dr. Frazer Congratulations Andrew Robles!!!

Andrew (pictured, receiving his certificate from Pharmacology Professor and Chairman, Alan Frazer, Ph.D.) won the 2015 Department of Pharmacology Student of the Year Award. He currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, from the University of Texas. Andrew is a fourth year Pharmacology student who is conducting research in Susan Mooberry's, Ph.D. lab, where he is investigating the pharmacology of plant and fungal secondary metabolites; cancer drug discovery and preclinical development as well as targeted therapy for triple-negative breast cancer and targeted therapy for pediatric solid tumors. He is extremely active in the science community, presenting papers at numerous local, state, and national meetings over the past several years, including: the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, the American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting, The Aspen Cancer Conference, the Pharmacology Graduate Student Symposiums and the International Congress on Natural Products Research Meeting.

Andrew is the recipient of three Minority Affairs Committee Travel Awards, an Aspen Cancer Conference Fellowship and an Outstanding Graduate Student Poster Award. He has published several papers, one of them as first author, and another in revision as first author. He is active in the department and in his profession, having served on the Graduate Student Symposium organizing committee since 2013 and Chairing it this last year. He is also an active member and Treasurer of the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science. His standards and expectation are very high for everyone, especially for himself. He enjoys basketball, movies and video games.

Mr. Robles entered the Integrated Multidisciplinary Graduate Program (IMGP) in June of 2013 and was admitted to the Pharmacology candidacy in 2014. Andrew is pictured here with his certificate and trophy. Great work Andrew!