Pharmacology Neuroscience Graduate Student
Miryam Pando is Student of the Year!!!


Miryam Pando and Dr. Frazer Congratulations Miryam Pando!!!

Miryam (pictured, receiving her plaque from Pharmacology Professor and Chairman, Alan Frazer, Ph.D.) won the 2017 Department of Pharmacology Matthew P. Rowan Memorial Graduate Student of the Year Award. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Cellular and Molecular Biochemistry, from UT El Paso. Miryam is a third year Pharmacology Neuroscience student who is conducting research in Kelly Berg's, Ph.D. lab, where she will focus on the regulation of delta and kappa opioid receptor (DOR-KOR) heteromer function in peripheral pain-sensing neurons. She utilizes two complementary model systems that permits detailed study of receptor signaling mechanisms in peripheral sensory neurons in culture and evaluation of physiological relevance using rat behavioral models of nociception. The ultimate goal is to identify new pharmacological targets for improved pain therapy. She is extremely involved in the science community, presenting papers at numerous local, state, and national meetings over the past several years, including: the Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference, the Pharmacology Graduate Student Symposiums, Behavior, Biology, and Chemistry Conference, the UTHealth San Antonio CBN Annual Retreat and more.

Miryam has a long list of volunteer/community service/outreach activities that she has participated in since joining UTHealth San Antonio - including working at the recruitment table at SfN and participating in the 2017 Science Fiesta (at the WISDOM table). She received a Neuroscience Training Grant in 2015/16 and won 3rd Place at the Center for Biomedical Neuroscience Retreat in 2016. She is a co-author on one paper recently published in JPET and a co-author on two papers under review by Molecular Pharmacology.

Ms. Pando entered the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (IBMS) and was admitted to the Neurosciecne candidacy in the fall of 2014. Miryam is pictured here with her plaque. Great work Miryam!