Congratulations Andrew Robles, Ph.D.!!!


Andrew RoblesOn April 11th, 2016, Pharmacology graduate student Andrew Robles (pictured left) presented his dissertation defense titled: 'Identification of Lead Molecules for the Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Molecular Subtypes from Natural Sources' to a lecture hall audience, whose members included his defense committee. He then went through a review of his dissertation and a question and answer process with the defense committee, before he was notified that he had successfully defended his dissertation and would be receiving his Ph.D.!

Dr. FrazerThe Department of Pharmacology held a reception on May 16th, 2016, in the Pharmacology Conference Room, to honor Dr. Robles's accomplishment and to present him with his graduation 'gift', a personalized, custom, office chair. Dr. Mooberry w/AndrewDepartment of Pharmacology Professor and Chairman, Alan Frazer, Ph.D. (above, right), recognized Andrew's accomplishments and contributions as a Pharmacology graduate student including being Awarded for “Outstanding Graduate Student Poster” at the 19th Annual Department of Pharmacology Graduate Student Symposium and was named “Graduate Student of the Year” for the Department of Pharmacology in October of 2015. Additionally, he was awarded three(3) separate travel awards by the Minority Affairs Committee of the American Society for Cell Biology to attend their national meetings and was awarded a fellowship for the 2014 Aspen Cancer Conference. Andrew was also supported for the first two years of his graduate studies by an Initiative for Maximizing Student Development training grant. He has published seven(7) papers and is first author on two(2) of them. He has also presented over two dozen oral and poster presentations. Andrew's mentor, Professor in Pharmacology, Susan Mooberry, Ph.D. (left), also commented on the great work Andrew has done in the labs...running experiments, mentoring, training, problem solving and numerous other duties requested of him. In addition, the Graduate School Dean's Office presented Andrew with another gift...a new leather briefcase!

Andrew graciously thanked everyone for their support and will be taking a postdoctoral position in Dr. Mooberry’s lab at UTHSCSA. Andrew will be finishing two publications started during his graduate studies that are in the final stages of completion. After that, Andrew plans to complete further postdoctoral research outside the Health Science Center.

Congratulations Dr. Andrew Robles!!!

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