Hello Pension, Goodbye Tension - Sandy Westerman Retires!!!

Sandy Westerman

Pharmacology Manager, Finance and Administration Sandy Westerman, after over seventeen years, is leaving us...she is RETIRING

Sandy started her journey in Pierre, South Dakota, having been born there and spending her first couple decades there growing up. She met the love of her life, Steve, and the journey truly began. They moved to San Antonio in April 1999 because the company Steve worked for in Rapid City, S.D. closed. Her sister Sally was here in San Antonio and they liked the area from previous visits. She was working for another company here in town but left to come work at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Sally recommended Pharmacology because she knew the former administrator, which led her to her 'home away from home', where she was hired Januray 12, 2000.

Several people spoke about how Sandy impacted the department. Dr.'s Giuffrida and Mooberry both had wonderful, admiring things to say about Sandy. Dr. Clarke commented: 'So, I’ve been asked to say a few words about Sandy – when someone’s been a part of your life, and really, part of your work family, its really hard to know where to begin and where to stop. We’ve known Sandy for 17 years – since she started here in the department in January 2000. She started off as an Administrative Assistant and by 2003 she was running the department. There are really hundreds of examples, some big, some small, as to how Sandy played an essential role in making our lives here easier, more productive and importantly, less stressful...One example of this came several years ago, when I was Chair of COGS and when the Pharmacology department ran its own graduate program. At the time, I don’t remember what year this was, the graduate program coordinator abruptly resigned, providing only 2 weeks notice. I was panicking at the thought of all the extra work that would fall on me during the interim period until we could find a replacement...So, here I was panicking about how to manage all the day-to-day things that had to be taken care of, along with my regular day job. But Sandy came to the rescue. Without even being asked, and without a complaint – at least an audible complaint, she stepped in to handle the job, in addition to her day job – for over a month. The amazing thing is the apparent ease with which she did this. To me, and I’m sure to most of you who were here at the time, it was almost as if nothing had changed. This one story and there are many more like it, I think illustrate the type of person Sandy is – her commitment to the department, her managerial skills, and her dedication'

Dr. France noted: 'we have worked together on many issues, many routine, some not...she had a very hard job, following in the footsteps of Cathy Franks and putting up with all the rest of us...she helped Dr. Frazer navigate the department into the School of Medicine under less-than-optimal conditions... and she's tenacious and loyal for the faculty/Department...her role as Dept Admin and taking on the job of others at times – is the equivalent of three full time employees...many work 9-5, not Sandy! You can get text/email at 4:00 AM! Wonder at times if she was in a sleep study? Whatever the salary, she was not paid enough! She's been a terrific admin, watching out for the Department! She reminds us experience, hard work, honesty, and loyalty are admirable traits - Thank you Sandy!

Dr. Frazer closed out the ceremony with numerous complimentary and heart warming things to say about Sandy and the times they have spent together.

Through all of this...the ups and downs...good times and bad...happy and sad times...Sandy has provided all of us with excellent service, many smiles, as well as numerous laughs!

Farewell and take care Sandy, you will be missed!!!

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