Mikaela Sifuentes

Mikaela Sifuentes


Dallas, Texas


BS, Biology

University of Dallas - Irving, Texas

Lab Association

James Lechleiter, Ph.D.

Hobbies and Interests

Drawing, Live Music, Exploring the City and Hiking


Mikaela's research focuses on the underlying mechanisms of thyroid hormone enhanced neuroprotection after acute brain injuries. She is interested in examining the role of fatty acid oxidation (FAO) in this process. In particular, how stimulation of FAO by thyroid hormones may be mediated by complex formation of a mitochondria enzyme called the Trifunctional Protein. She is currently developing a new optical microscopy approach, super-resolution, to directly study this process in vivo.

• Books and Publications •

Sifuentes, MM. (2015) Thoughts About Careers: Q&A Interview with Mikaela Sifuentes The Pipette Gazette Feb 11

Sayre, N., Chen, Y., Sifuentes, MM., Stoveken, B. and Lechleiter JD. (2014) Purinergic Receptor Stimulation Decreases Ischemic Brain Damage by Energizing Astrocyte Mitochondria. Adv Neurobiol. 11:121-50

• Lectures, Posters and Presentations •

Texas A&M Summer Undergraduate Research Focus (SURF) Symposium - Corpus Christi, TX. - July 2011

Sifuentes, MM. : Evaluation of Five Methods for Oil Extraction and Esterification (Poster)

• Grants, Funding and Research Support •

American Heart Association SWA Summer 2015 Predoctoral Fellowship - 1/16 thru 12/17