Sarah Bulin
Selected Publications

Sarah Bulin

Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., Neuroscience
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, Texas

Lab: 210-567-0569
Lab Association: David Morilak, Ph.D.


Research Interests

• cognitive flexibility                               • prefrontal cortex
• glutamate • stress

Research Summary

My research is exploring the role of glutamatergic signaling in cognitive flexibility with and without chronic stress. Previous work in the Morilak lab has indicated that cognitive flexibility, mediated in the prefrontal cortex (PFC), is decreased by repeated norepinephrine (NE) modulation during stress. Using behavioral pharmacology and molecular techniques, I will be testing the hypothesis that repeated NE activation during CUS compromises cognitive flexibility by compromising glutamate signaling in the PFC.


• Accomplishments, Awards and Honors •

2017 - San Antonio Life Sciences Institute (SALSI) Neuroscience Postdoctoral Fellowship

2013 - Neuroscience Section Poster Winner - Metroplex Day Symposium

2012 - Travel Award - 2012 NIDA/INSERM Collaboration Workshop

2010 - Received an Unconditional Pass on the qualifying exam in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience - University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - Oral exam and written proposal were entitled: The Role of Agouti-Related Peptide (AgRP) in Stress

• Appointments, Boards, Committees and Memberships •

2010-Present - Society for Neuroscience Member

• Certifications and Training •

Completed University Teaching Excellence Course

• Grants, Funding and Research Support •

SALSI Neuroscience Postdoctoral Fellowship

• Lectures and Presentations •

Poster Presenter - American College of Neuropsychopharmacoloy

2014 - Oral Presenter - College on Problems of Drug Dependence

2013 - Oral Presenter - Metroplex Day Symposium