Pharmacology Neuroscience Graduate Student Elizabeth Fucich Student of the Year!!!

Congratulations Elizabeth Fucich!!!

Elizabeth (pictured, receiving her plaque from Pharmacology Professor and Chairman, Alan Frazer, Ph.D.) won the 2016 Department of Pharmacology Student of the Year Award. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, from the University of Southern Mississippi. Elizabeth is a fourth year Pharmacology Neuroscience student who is conducting research in David Morilak’s, Ph.D. lab, where she is studying neurobiological mechanisms underlying novel therapeutic approaches to treatment of stress-related psychiatric disorders. She is extremely involoved in the science community, presenting papers at numerous local, state, and national meetings over the past several years, including: the Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference, the Pharmacology Graduate Student Symposiums, ACNP, IBNS, the UTHSCSA CBN Annual Retreat and more.

Elizabeth is the recipient of the Dean’s Excellence Award, a Neuroscience early stage training grant, a SfN Trainee Professional Development Award, Translational Science Training TL1 Scholar Award, the William Thomas Booth Memorial Travel Award and more. She has two peer-reviewed papers and has five selected abstracts and presentations, one of which won First Place for Best Paper Employing Statistical Analysis. She is active in the department and in her profession, having served on the Graduate Student Symposium organizing committee and Chairing it this last year. She has also been a student representative for the Graduate Faculty Council and the Parking and Traffic Safety committees, been a coordinator for the Pharmacology and Neuroscience Trainee Whiteboard Sessions, a Demonstration Leader at the UTHSCSA Science Expo as well as a volunteer for the SfN Education and Outreach program, to name a few. Her standards and expectation are very high for everyone, especially for herself. She enjoys modern dance, cooking, human rights activities, a drug-free culture and hanging out at the beach.

Ms. Fucich entered the Integrated Multidisciplinary Graduate Program (IMGP) in 2011 and was admitted to the Neurosciecne candidacy in the fall of 2012. Elizabeth is pictured here with her plaque. Great work Elizabeth!